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ARC:Review Debutantes dont Date by Kristina O´Grady

Debutantes Don't Date - Kristina O'Grady

Grace is an event planner helping to organize a regency era themed ball thrown by the Duke and Duchess of Kensington on New years eve.


Suddenly she feels disoriented but soon feels better when a handsome man offers his assistance. Head still fuzzy from drinking she drags him off into an alcove and starts kissing him and more when they are discovered. Thinking fast Jasper claims Grace is his fiancee


Since she states her name to be Grace Lancaster he believes she is an american relative of a Lord Lancaster and he resolves him to marry her. At least he finds her attractive.


With Grace coming to grips that she is really in the regency era and she will have to marry Jasper who is the Earl of Bingham to boot she hardly needs the extra problem of his jilted fiancees brother wanting to get rid of her by any means necessary to ensure his sister will be Jaspers countess.


Well what can I say about this. I wanted to read it because historical romances is something I really enjoy and time travel with the fish out of water element that comes with it can be funny.


But I was disappointed with it and it didnt wow me when it came to the romance,historical setting or humor. Even the title gives the wrong impression and I guess was chosen because it sounded nifty. Dating isnt even mentioned anywhere in the book. If you dont count the throwaway remark from Grace about not dating celebrities.


The regency era the author describes is one far from the one I have read about in other books and articles.


There is something very rushed about the writing it lacks a certain finesse.Characterization falls flat and relies on a great deal of exposition. When you keep looking at the page count to find out how much of this you have left to read its not a good sign.


Here let me illustrate through some passages in this book.


"one of his hands grabbed her ass"

Graces own description of her behind/bottom


"Jasper jerked his lips away from her sweet silky neck so fast that he gave himself whiplash"

The first documented case of someone having whiplash was 1919


"her laughter filled the room.The musical sound shot straight to Jaspers groin"


If any guys are reading this review...curious minds wants to if this is actually a thing that happens in real life.


"have you ever tried running in a corset,she asked"


Did she have timetraveling undergarments too?

This is a pet peeve of mine in historical romances set in the regency. Women didnt wear corsets,they wore stays. This is something I can grudgingly overlook if the good parts of overshadows the less stellar ones.

When it came to Grace she really had not much of a personality she just exclaims things a lot and when she gets into the general vincinity of Jasper she becomes all hot and flustered.

Then there is the instance where Grace first sees Jasper and thinks he looks like Ryan Gosling.

"she could see the most gorgeous man shed ever laid eyes on. .My God,he looked liked Ryan Gosling in "The Notebook" Oh she hoped it wasnt him. She had a rule against dating celebrities.He was the epitome of tall dark and handsome and the slight dimple in his right cheek stole the breath from her lungs"

I do know how Ryan Gosling looks and clearly the author thinks hes hot but this is one of the reason I can predict this will be a work of literature wich wont age well. There are I imagine people who dont know how Ryan Gosling looks and this overly simplified description of our heros apperance will tell them nothing.


There is nothing wrong with having a famous person inspire your books love interest but please at least make an effort of conveying it with more words.


For your information Ryan Gosling has blue eyes and sandy blond hair though and one lazy eye. That sort of thing.


I did learn that Jaspers eyes crinkle that is repeated at least 5 times throughout the book. Did this have an editor?


In a historical romance,well any book really where there is a romance I want to be able to see the relationship between the couple evolve beyond something than lust. Not so in this book.


They meet,she drags him off and they have a makeout session and after being caught and some more lustful shenanigans Jasper can see himself spending the rest of his life with her. No sorry I dont buy it.


And if you like a wellcrafted romance,no a wellcrafted book you shouldnt either.