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The XIIth hour at Duskland by Isis Sousa

The XIIIth hour at Duskland (Stories of Duskland) - Isis Sousa

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There is a mansion in wich a young gentleman Leonhard lives  and one evening he notices a strange phenomena and goes out to find a strange young woman that has fainted.He brings her back to the house.


When she wakes up she is disoriented and suffering from amnesia. Leonhard who is immedietale smitten with her takes her on a tour of the house to meet the other inhabitants,Dr Charles,the conjoined twins Iphigenia and Gerania,Giorgio the barber and his wife Antonina.


How are they all connected? When the 13th hour arrives it will all become clear.


First let me beging to say that Isis Sousa is a quite talented artist http://www.isissousadesigner.com/ but by her own admission in the afterword to the book she is not a writer and thats noticeable.


I cant help but think with the intriguing basis for a plot she has going if she had collaborated with a more skilled author things could have been different

As it is now you can hint at what could have been. That is not to say its awful.


The gothic atmosphere was really good. I just wish there had been more...something


I cant really say much about the plot because there is not much of it and were I to mention more it would spoil the twist to the story. And what was Leonhards connection to the mansion?


This is one of the stories included in an upcoming anthology called "Stories from Duskland" set to be published in spring 2014.