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My Cat

This is one of the most painful posts I have ever written.


In the summer of last year my beloved cat Findus was diagnosed with skincancer of the ears.Its a very common cancer for white cats because the fur covering their ears is not as thick making them very vulnerable to sunlight.


He has had two operations on his ear to remove the affected areas but now there is nothing more that can be done...as the ear has started to split apart.


On wednesday I will have to put him to sleep per the vets recommendations. I know inside of me its the right thing to but at the same time I feel like someone ripped out my heart.


He is just not a pet he is a family member. He has been my companion for 16 years. Now I wont be met by him greeting me talking,he wont be there will insist on sleeping next to my pillows at night,,,there will only be a catshaped hole where he should be.







I will try to make his last days special