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Dragons dont cry (Fire Cronichles #1) by D´Elen McClain

Dragons Don't Cry (Fire Chronicles) (Volume 1) - D'Elen McClain

I got this ARC from Netgalley and this is my honest review of it.


This was not what I was expecting it to be from the blurb,but blurbs can be very misleading but I guess I oughta have gotten the clue from the authors other books.I can only blame myself for this.


Oh hilarious I thought to myself. So this girl and her friends go out drinking one evening and by accident she ends up a bride of a dragon.

Well..what the blurb fails to mention is that yes they do go out drinking but only as a last celebration before one of them is chosen as the bride of a dragon in the claiming ceremony taking place the day after.


Acasia is chosen and taken back to the dragons lair. This is pretty much the plot if you dont count the sideplot the author develops late in the plot when the author probably realized she had to have something to propel it forward.


The beginning of the book in lack of a better word felt messy. Greek gods? But it seems this takes place in some fantasy land so it had me really confused.


I would rather have some made up pantheon than borrowing from one that really existed and apart from some mention of them in swear words and in regards to a curse they dont really play a large part in this book.

And another thing. In this (I assume) fantasy world . Jeans exists. as in the garment you wear but its all explained when it turns out you can travel to the human world. And this is the most developed setting in the book but thats not saying much.


Then there are our maincharacters.


The girl Acasia is soo perfect. Her hair is so blonde its almost silver and she has huge almost freakishly large blue eyes and curvy body. And despite her being a virgin she is an intensely sexual person. She barely bats an eye when a guy she nicknames "man of shadows" comes into her bed at night and touches her. But she knows her role in this book so she is cool with it.


If you didnt know or guess its the dragon who can shift into a man.


Bastian,the dragon certainly mopes around about his last bride (who died) but that doesnt keep him from instantly lusting after Acasia and call her "stupid woman Acasia" I guess I was supposed to find this funny but I didnt.


I expected a story instead I got badly written erotica wich in this case amounts to completely avoiding the idea building up a relationship or even a plot throughout the book and just go straight for the sex. Ugh.

But this was labeled as a romance on the Netgalley website so I wonder a bit a that.