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Susanna and the Spy by Anna Elliot

Susanna and the Spy - Anna Elliott

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Susanna Ward has since her fathers death three years ago been earning her living as a governess.Her father was  cut off from his family after marrying Susannas mother an italian peasant girl who his father considered unworthy. 


While on the journey to London to seek out a new position she  is recognized by an old man ,a gardener who she met briefly during a unpleasant visit to her grandfathers home as a child and learns that her grandfather is dead and the old man hinting at it being "it was them up at the hall who did it"


Susanna decides to stay at the local inn overnight before deciding if she should or should not contact  her estranged relatives when suddenly a man rushes inside her room  and asks her to hide him.


Before she knows it she have him locked inside her wardrobe and a second later militiamen rush inside and ask if she has seen a dangerous criminal but after denying she has seen any such kind of person they leave.


After letting out of the wardrobe and treating his wound the man thanks her and ask that she forget ever seeing him before he slips out into the night.


The next day Susannas uncle invite her to come and stay at the house and as she gets to know them she tries to figure out wich one of them could be the killer. Furthermore she also learn thathe man she helped hide is an infamous smuggler called Captain Clarke who has been evading the authorities sucessfully for quite a while.


Looks like Susanna has tumbled into quite the adventure...


This is a bit of a difficult review for me to write since I will have to admit despite me liking "Susanna and the spy" it had problems beginning with Susannas motive for investigating her grandfathers murder wich is rather weak.and the mystery isnt very complicated I started to suspect who the murderer was about halfway in. 


Nor will you have a hard time figuring out what Captain Clarke is really up to


So I did like it but even I have to agree that it was a bit thin on the ground and for it being labeled as a regency romance there isnt much romancey things going on in this book until the ending. And our heroine engages in behavior wich would have been frowned upon in a young gentlewoman of the regency era.


But the thing is with with all the adventures the heroine has it was not until I had finished reading it that I had time to stop and think about the flaws it had.


So it might not be a book wich will end up as one of your favorites but if you want a quick and mindless escape from reality for a moment there are worse books to pick up than this and Susanna is a very likeable main character.





There is a sequel to this book called London Calling wich

also features Susanna Ward and Lord Ravenwood and their further adventures