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The Vengeful Earl by L.A Hilden

The Vengeful Earl (Bewildering Love Series) - L. A. Hilden

I dont get it. Heros father had been in love with another woman,thus making his mother suffer from knowing she his wife could never have his love.


I recieved this ARC from Netgalley and this is my honest review of it.


Now he wants to avenge his mother. But the thing is..I dont understand why. Its not like Lady Veronica was involved in an affair with the father. But he wants to have his revenge despite monloguing about how he does feel bad about what he is trying to to do-wich is seduce Lady Veronicas daughter Lydia.Who he met in the first book.


Apperantly this is the secnd book in the series. If I had read the first one would this book make more sense? I dont know.


And omg its the return of the tigthening loins whenever Aiden sees Lydia. Or he has desire flowing through his veins.ugh


He calls her "Lucky Lady" wich to me just comes across as corny and sounding a bit like the name of a horse. He purrs into her ear.


In my book the only things allowed to purr in books are felines and shamelessly sexual women wanting to be seductive.


And the heroine...well shes so inconsistent and quite frankly not so bright. Shes supposed to be smart what with reading Mary Wollstonecraft but she agrees very quickly to go to the heros house after finding a murdered man in a library. Convenient plot device activate!


They are still in his carriage when they have sex for the first time. Maybe I wouldnt have found this so weird if I had felt anything about them and their relationship.


But as it is this book just leaves me cold. As does the characters attempt to imitate regency era folk


"Lydia walked into the white Georgian town house"


Im not sure what to make of this. Yes the 18th century and the early 19th century was called the Georgian era. But I doubt people living in that time period would have referred to anything as georgian. Its a name applied only later.


And explaining social norms to other characters who should know this from their upbringing. Lets face its just clumsy info dumping for the readers who know next to nothing about the period. As someone who knows about it felt annoying but its just one of several things about this book I dont like.


And the dialogue between characters is...lets just say akward


"Are these two serious?"


"I hate being stuck in traffic and so I park where I can come and go without inconvenience"


Id give this one a miss if I were you