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The Devils Delilah by Loretta Chase

The Devil's Delilah - Loretta Lynda Chase

Hot-tempered and unpredictable, Delilah Desmond was indeed the devil's daughter.

"Devil" Desmond, to be exact, society's most infamous rogue who had just completed his scandalous memoirs. A great many dreaded the tell-all publication, including his daughter, for it meant certain social ruin. No gentleman of the ton would offer for a lady with such a checkered lineage!

Determined to suppress the manuscript, Delilah enlisted the aid of bookish Jack Langdon, whose rumpled brown hair and poetic grey eyes hid a passionate heart beating most wildly for one spirited young lady in particular. Meanwhile, as other determined thieves vowed to steal the tell-all book themselves, Delilah saw her simple larceny growing more complex by the hour....


It was not a bad book per se,but it lacked that certain something that makes a good read.It does have hints of Ms Chases later books. This one felt rushed and could have benefited from some more fleshing out of its characters.

As it was I never warmed up the hero and heroine and didnt really get what attracted them to each other.The hero was constantly repelling the heroine with his bookishness,and those times he kissed her he suddenly transformed into this this masterful person.


It started to grate on me.

The author should be commended for trying to write a schoolarly hero,but I felt that Jack remained a bit of a mystery throuhgout the book.

I think that there was hinting that certain aspectes of Jacks personality was the cause of something that happened in his past ,but it wasnt explored properly

Then the heroine,Delilah was one of those insanely feisty heroines that are a staple of historical romances.Her spiritedness started to become annoying after a while.She kept shifting between personalities also in one instance she is ruthlessly calculating how to hook a man for marriage in the next shes this free spirited person who cant be contained by societys strictures.

Delilahs parents,Devil and Angelina was very entertaining though. Maybe the best part of the whole book. Would have loved to read about their story. :)