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Sleepless (Curse of the Bloodfox Trilogy Book #1) by Sera Ashling

Sleepless (Curse of the Blood Fox Trilogy, Book #1) (Volume 1) - Sera Ashling

Curses are not subtle.

They are things of pain, and for a very long time Santo has been caught in one. She haunts the roads of the country of Kurdak as a mercenary, fighting back sleep every night so that she won’t have to face the horror that comes for her when she rests. Weary, with sanity almost gone and no end in sight, Santo doesn't know who did this to her or why she is still alive.

Someone does, though.

As the mythical Week of Colors arrives, she receives a visit from a long-time acquaintance. Traken is a sharp-tongued sorcerer with a sadistic streak, and he comes bearing an “invitation” from his master, a secretive lord who has been watching her for far too long. Santo isn't thrilled, until another message arrives in the form of an ominous prediction: following the sorcerer will mean the answers she wants, but she’ll likely die in the process.

That’s fine with Santo, though, because she isn't searching for a way out... she’s searching for revenge.


 After rewriting this review so many times I thought to myself. Oh just post it already.

It was just that I loved Reading this book so much I want to write this review to reflect that. And it just felt so insufficient to describe the awesomeness of Sleepless


So here it is my review of a book wich might very well end up to be one of my favorite books of 2014. Expect lots of fangirling .


Santo is a mercenary who wanders from place to place or at least thats as a good excuse as any to explain why she carries two cursed swords and avoid too many people wondering about the fact that she has been around for 50 years and still looks like a girl. And not to mention her eyecolor changing with her mood. At least she has her etiquette book so she knows how to interact with other people.


The only constant in her life for the last 5 decades has been the manipulative sorceror Traken who delights in engaging her in conversation but he has been sent on a mission to take her to his lord and master.


She declines for the umpteenth time but after finding out that if she goes with Traken to his master she might find out the truth about her past and curse...but she is sure to die. Santo decides that knowing is worth that price and so they set out. But their journey wont be an easy one.


The world in wich this book takes place has a distinct asian/ medieval flair.Definetely a mixture between those two.

There is even casual mention of an emperor.


Sometimes I could easily imagine this as an anime it just has this quality to it. I cant really explain it but if you have watched some anime and read this book you will get it I hope.


But what really stood out for me was the characters and their interactions.


I pulled his face closer to mine, eyes narrowed. “Do not tempt me to bring out my swords.” The moment was spiraling so far out of my hands I felt like I was losing control of myself. Traken, full of tricks and games, was good at that.


“What's this?” he said. “So polite and good-humored with everyone else, but the moment you open your mouth around me, out comes rubbish .” He squished my cheeks together, and his rings pinched my skin. “Pure rubbish.”


This book has some very entertaining bickering. lol


Santo is lethal but she is also just trying to fit into the world but knowing she probably wont as she dont age it doesnt keep her from losing faith in the world and people.Shes a good foil for Traken and his cynic outlook on life.


Usually in these situations the female maincharacter wants and tries to change the "bad boy" But Santo accepts him for what he is just as Traken doesnt want to change her. They both need each other and thats it.


And then there is Traken that twisted sorceror hes strong and arrogant and he has some strange priorities but at the same time you can needs Santo so much. It was quite heartbreaking.


But its not a romance at least it doesnt happen in this book. Its something even more precious its finding someone who gets you.


They are the same in many ways yet---different.


There is also a lot action in this book but Santo isnt some invincible heroine she does get hurt there is in fact a lot of people get hurt,maimed and killed in this book.



As I went to stand, the waves of magic energy flooding the house threw me against the wall again.


“Auuughh!” My wounded back hit hard against the wood. I saw things, bodies, people flying. There were screams, some distant and some near , but everything was moving in this storm and I could focus on none of it. Dust and dirt rose up in clouds as another violent roar shook the room.


It was the last straw, and the roof caved in above us.


Now I want the sequel so I can read more about the adventures of Wolf and Fox!