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Carousel Sun by Sharon Leen

Carousel Sun - Sharon Lee

When magic meets mundane, sparks fly: these are exciting times in Archers Beach, Maine! A unprecedented Early Season has united townies and carnies in an effort to expand into a twelve-month resort, recapturing the town's former glory.

Kate Archer, owner-operator of the vintage wooden carousel, is caught up in the excitement—and is quite possibly the cause of it. Because Kate leads a double life, as carny, and as Guardian of the land. Her recent return to the home she had forsaken has changed the town's luck—for the better—and energized the trenvay—earth and water spirits who are as much citizens of the Beach as their mundane counterparts.

But the town's new energy isn't the only change afoot. Joe Nemeier, the local drug lord, whose previous magical consultant was vanquished by Kate, has acquired a new ally—and this one plays with fire.


I recieved this Arc from Netgalley and this is my honest review


We once again return to Archers Beach where Kate is dealing with her new responsibility as a Guardian for Archers Beach and worrying about the recovery her mother and grandmothers health after their ordeals in "Carousel Tides"


Kate is also concerned that she has not seen trenvay Borgan since he returned to the sea to heal himself.Is it true what the mystery woman she encounters on his ship tells that hes keeping away from her and blaming her for his injuries?

She hopes its not the case. She just want to see him again.

Luckily she is distracted by the fact she still has to deal with the matter of finding a replacement for the little batwinged horse wich officially "vanished" from the carousel at the end of "Carousel tides"


Out of options she is forced to accept a substitue in form of a rooster that makes her cringe because it looks so out of place among the other carousel creatures. But there is something else about it too something she cant quite put her finger on.

We also get to see the return of bad guy Joe Neiemeier who still is up to no good and after the events of the last book he hasnt particulary good feelings about.


As opposed to the first book in the series I didnt really feel there was a final villain that had to be defeated instead this book dealt more with the aftermaths of the event in that one. There are antagonists but Carousel sun has a lot of side plots that weave together and most of them get a resolution.


But some others I cant help but wonder if they will appear in the third book (if there is one)


There is also romance as  Kate and Borgans relationship progress  in this book. Shes still a bit wary from her bad memories but he is being the cool dependable guy she needs.


As he tells her The land and the sea does belong together. And I can only agree to this. :)


I liked this book almost as much as "Carousel Tides" but something that I found quite boring in this book though was a side plotline where some inhabitants of Archers Beach wants to extend the Season. When we returned to this throughout buisness talk wich ocassionally felt like the author was writing a a theme into her book for supporting the economy and small buisnesses. And of course thats a good thing but not really what I want to read about.


The descriptions of Kate running her carousel and interacting with her fellow fair ground people are ok with me. They add atmosphere to the setting and is a welcome break from the otherwordly aspects of the world in wich Kate lives and the more mundane everyday one.


It didnt really help progress or add much the plot.


So my final thoughts on this book is that its a good sequel to the previous book and it ties up a lot of threads from "Carousel Tides" if you liked that one you will also like this one.