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The Master and the Governess (Montmoors) Lisa Greer

The Governess and the Master - Lisa Greer

When penniless Catherine Roth answers a letter for a governess position in the isolated castle of Lord Andrew Montmoor, she has no idea that madness, obsession, and secrets await her.

Andrew Montmoor is ugly and isolated, but Catherine finds herself drawn to him even as she seeks to help with sickly nephew, Cullen. His Gothic horror of an estate and the secrets that call to her make her time there nearly unbearable. What happened to Andrew's sister, and will the family mausoleum or her diary reveal it? Just as Catherine is falling for Andrew, a new danger reveals itself, and Catherine's heart is swept up in the tumult.


The books of the gothic genre usually has a pretty formulaic plot,and this is no different.Though I was expecting more.

The governess-to-be Catherine Roth arrives at the Montmoor mansion where she is to care for the sickly nephew of Lord Andrew Montmoor a recluse with a horrible reputation(because of his family)

Up until this part I was harboring some hope for the book,though I tried to ignore the phrase "pursed lips" being used thrice. Anyone can have their editor slip up.

But then...it started to unravel even more

Its just too rushed,it doesnt devote itself to building upsuspense after the heroine meets the master of the house. Of course this being a gothic the heroine finds herself strangely fascinated by the master of the house. Maybe a little too fast.

I also found the heroine to be a little too forthcoming with her answers,in real life if someone asks you a probing question you arent always truthful or blurt out the first thing on their mind. Usually.

Another thing that bugged me was...why is the governess eating dinner with the master,unchaperoned?

Some other questions also arise if Cullen the nephew is indeed so

sickly that he doesnt expect to live out more than two years,why the need for a governess? The heroine doesnt seem to question this either I suppose this might be answered further along in the series/future novellas,but since I dont think I will be reading those I WILL NEVER KNOW.

(show spoiler)

Then add the fact that its not even a complete book,for some reason the author decided to cut up her own book in three parts.Instead of one book.there is three novellas This can be confusing to readers who expect to get a full book. Its only 23 pages.

If I hadnt known about this before I bought the book I would have felt severely cheated despite the low price on the book.

I hesitated by giving it 1 star or 2 stars,but finally had to settle for 1 since I cant with god conscience feel that this was even a worthwhile read.