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Alas my Love by Edith Layton (the one with the hypocrite hero)

Alas, My Love - Edith Layton

Can a self-made man overcome humble beginnings to romance the lady of his dreams?


Surviving against all odds, Amyas St. Ives grew up in a foundling home, then escaped to the streets of London and managed, through sheer will and courage, to make his fortune. However, money and devastatingly good looks alone are not enough to gain entry into London high society; not when Amyas is unaware of his true origins and is considered base-born among the posh Regency set.


When he meets the alluring Amber, a fellow foundling and ward of a respectable family, he thinks he's met a kindred spirit--but when Amber finally discovers her true identity, the hurdles to their love become insurmountable. How can Amyas convince her family that what a man is matters more than what he was born to be?


One of the worst Edith Layton I have ever read,and I have loved some of her other books. If you are curious about her historical romances this isnt the one you should start with.


The story is as follows our hero doesnt know where he comes from or who his birthparents where so off he goes to search for them in Cornwall on the basis that his name is derived from a folksong from there. I guess you have to start somewhere?


He comes to visit the heroines home,where she lives with the wealthy man who took her in when she was found as a child on the beach.


As soon as the "hero" figures out shes not a daughter of the house,and has no family he decides she is of no interest to him.Even if he thinks shes very desirable.

Instead he sets out to court the heroines foster sister,the actual daughter of the adoptive father.


And this was when I started to lose hope about the book.



He  is such a big hypocrite.


Hello,I seem to remember he was without family himself,he acted so tragic at the start of the book and wished he had a family to call his own.Because people looked down on him,even though he was rich. *plays a sad fiddle*



Then there was another very disturbing event(to me at least)when

 the heroines to all intents and purposes" father" asks her to marry him,if that wasnt disgusting enough its made clear to the reader that he is actually attracted to her.Attracted. To a young woman who he has raised since she was a child. Squick factor very high,

(show spoiler)


What kept me reading was to find out if the hero and heroine ever found out where they came from.But it was no reward for having ploughed through this book.