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A Most Dangerous Woman by L.M Jackson

A Most Dangerous Woman - Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson returns with a new lady detective, in the first of a gripping series set in 1850s London.

When the mysterious Sarah Tanner opens her Dining and Coffee Rooms on the corner of Leather Lane and Liquorpond Street, her arrival amongst the poor market traders creates a stir. Few doubt that she has a past, but no one can possibly predict how it will return to haunt her. When an old friend is brutally murdered by the unlikeliest of assailants, Sarah Tanner is the only witness. Unable to turn to the police, she reluctantly finds herself drawn back into the dark underworld of the Victorian metropolis.

Assisted by unlikely friends, dogged by the criminal machinations of the greatest gamester, felon, villain, swindler, and scoundrel in London, she must unravel a web of treachery and deceit that takes her from the gaming hells of Regent Street to the suburban heights of Upper Holloway, from the slums of St. Giles to the fast-flowing waters of the Thames. Relying on her wits and trading on her past, Sarah Tanner risks gambling her own life upon a desperate quest for justice and vengeance



One fine day I came upon a series of books called "Silent in the.." by an author named Deanna Raybourn.Great! I thought an historical fiction with a female sleuth to boot.This can not be bad in any way.
...Well it was so-so.


I gave up my hopes for finding a good Victorian Era Lady Sleuth Book


That was until I found "A most dangerous woman" by LM Jackson


It all starts when a mysterious woman called Sarah Tanner opens up a coffee house in a seedy street in Leather Lane,London.

No one knows where she comes from but her new neigbours all agree that she is bound to have a dark and mysterious PAST(thats in capital letters folks)



Not soon after she is recognized  by an old friend,who hardly makes it out of the door before he is murdered.But for what reason and by whom? Sarah decides to set out and discover the truth.


Even if it means she has to face old foes and other dickensian London obstacles.Like a Victorian female crime boss that goes by the name of "Her Majesty and her henchman,the suave and violent Symes and many other villains from the London underworld.



I was hooked.

Sarah Tanner is a bit unconventional,but she feels real within the era that she lives in.And while she isnt  from exactly upper class or working class she knows how to act both downstairs and upstairs.The other characters both villains supporting character feels real and substantial.


The mystery is quite good  and well thought out,as I didnt figure out  who was the culprit until the protagonist did and even then youre in for some twists and turns in the plot.


Its a historical fiction,with a mystery and a heroine with a backbone that isnt a Mary Sue .Whats not to like? 


I am quite sad that there probably wont be a third book in the series as the second book raises some question about the future for the main character. I even asked the author about it.



Kagama: I just finished "The mesmerists apprentice"...
and I found it very enjoyable.Was a bit disappointed though that it didnt feature "her Majesty" or Symes.I thought their affairs with Sarah werent quite finished.


I would also like to find out more of Sarahs past Perhaps in a future book?


LM.Jacksons reply

"Glad you enjoyed Mesmerist's ... always nice to know some people are actually reading my books! My plans for the next Sarah Tanner book definitely feature Symes and Her Majesty, and at least one crucial event from her past ... check back with me in 12 months or so ...!


In fact, I confess, Sarah Tanner's UK future hangs on a publishing knife-edge at present ... however, my books are doing well in France (merci, mes amis!) which makes another ST book more likely, even it's retrospectively published 'on-demand' by me, from the French edition (!). best wishes, Lee (ps. see my other books published as "Lee Jackson

Kagama "Vive le french!^^ Its too bad to hear..But I hope things picks up



This was in 2008..