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Carousel Tides by Sharon Lee

Carousel Tides  - Sharon Lee

Kate Archer thought she could put magic and world-walking behind her by running away to an ordinary life–but destiny has other plans.


With her grandmother suddenly missing, Kate must return to the bedraggled Maine seaside resort she grew up in, and take charge of the family carousel. If she doesn't–and it's by no means certain that she can–very bad things will happen, to Kate and to the town, for the carousel isn't at all what it seems. 

On the other hand, neither is Kate


Kate Archer is returning to her seaside hometown after her grandmother fails to return her calls and no one seems to know where she went. This would have anyone worried but the implications of her being missing are far more difficult since she is also the Guardian of Archers Beach.


Archers beach is a seaside resort but its also place where the mundane meet the magical and both sides manage to come together and live more or less harmoniously. But it does need its Guardian to take care of the land.


Kate investigates and learns her grandmother might have gone in search of something important that couldnt possibly exist anymore.


Waiting and hoping for her grandmother to return she agrees to take charge of the carousel her grandmother owns wich means more than just keeping up repairs and taking ticket fees. The carousel is in fact a magical prison for criminals who now inhabits the carousels wooden creatures.


It probably doesnt help matters that Kate is punishing herself for something that happened in the past by refusing to use her innate magic wich is slowly killing her and then when she ends up on the bad side of a shady buisnessman its not only the disappearance of her grandmother she has to sort out.


She finds herself fighting mundane criminals and magical villains who wouldnt hesitate to kill and hurt innocent people to see their goals fulfilled.


And then there is the mysterious Borgan who she might be able to put her trust in...


This was a wonderful book-a true gem. If you have ever found yourself standing by the sea or a lake looking out to the horizon and just felt the calm that is the atmosphere of this book. I cant describe it any other way. As opposed to an urban fantasy I guess this book can be categorized as rural fantasy.


It all just came alive to me,the setting and the characters felt real and not made out of some generic mold just something very special.


If you were expecting a tough heroine who can kickdrop a guy you will probably end up disappointed in this book because altough Kate is quite a capable person she prefers to figure out things instead of going all action-y as her first response.


Mind you she is no pushover and she has some trust issues but you are never annoyed at her hoping she would just snap out it instead feeling you can understand why she is the way she is.


Likewise if you are looking for a fullblown romance-... this isnt your book.but Kate does build a meaningful connection with someone that in future books could come to be realized.


I loved those scenes with that person :) They were so beautiful.


The pace of the book was very slow paced,not in a bad way but instead of having it all thrown at you all at once it slowly unfolds and brings the reader along for the ride. Thats not to say it doesnt have fastpaced and exciting bits in there too though but i I felt that contrasting the calmer scenes with those dramatic ones were a good move of the author.


There are a lot of complex things going on in this book but somehow it all came together in the end.


And just as big part of the plot is Kate finally coming to terms with painful memories from her past and becoming a stronger person for it.


This was one of my favorite books of 2011 and I was very happy to learn there would be a sequel to it (wich I hope to Review soon.)


and since I love to associate books I read with music

 Dar Williamson-The Ocean