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Guardians key is just like the movie Labyrinth!....except its not

Guardian's Key - Anne Logston

Everyone knew the dark legend of the Crystal Keep...


Of its endless hallways and infinite doors. Of the all-knowing Oracle hidden within its walls. And of the all-powerful Guardian who challenged those who dared to enter.

No one knew for sure what was truth and what was rumor, except that few people went there. And even fewer returned.


But Dara knew it was her only hope.


So begins a strange and mysterious journey of discovery, a young woman's search for her own special magic—and her own self. Behind every door awaits new worlds of possibility. And deep within every heart lies the greatest secret of all: that strength and courage have a magic all their own.


After seeing reviews comparing this to the movie Labyrinth, but with a romance, I couldnt wait to read this book. Yes I admit... I love that campy movie and ship Jareth and Sarah.

Daras parents are both magicians,but as she had no powers of her own she ran away from home.She became servant at a castle and fell in love with a young man who is the heir to the kingdom.

They cannot marry though because she lacks magic talent (seems being a commoner isnt too big of an obstacle for marrying,but being magicless is.)

The story starts when she has embarked on her quest to find out a way to get magic and finds the Crystal keep wich is one of those places that look bigger on the inside.This means she has to find her way through the labyrinthine chambers and its dangers and try not to fall for the traps and tricks set up by the Guardian of the Keep a guy named Vanian who put the "S" in sadistic (and he doesnt even sing)



The setting was quite interesting and mysterious,so in that way it was similar to Labyrinth.Sarah Dara also acquires a companion that reminded me of Hoggle.

But I require more of a book than having things in common with a film I love.And this book has plenty of flaws and things that I didnt like.

Many things never got explained or were repeated several times. The thing is we dont get to see Daras memories,she just tells them to us straight.So there was some serious info dumping going on.And some revelations that were underwhelming.


Something that happened was even disturbing like when

Dara is tricked (through magic) into believing that Vanian is her fiancee from back home and loses her virginity to him. It was so wrong on so many levels. I felt it was a kind of rape.


Not at all a "romance" They become friends of sorts towards the end though...that was...just weird. I mean you just get over a betrayal like that off like that?

(show spoiler)


I hated how another character just brushed off this.



This book found another home via Bookmooch and I hope the new owner liked it better. But if reading this thing had a positive point it was finding the hilarious webcomic "Girls Next Door"