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Magic Pie and Demon

A Curse for Gracey Daylittle - Amber Fisher

Empathic pie baker Gracey Daylittle has lived a quiet life in the desert of Love & War, Texas, for ten years. But when she and her sister unwittingly rescue an insatiable Japanese demon from the side of the road, her world descends into a maelstrom of mythic chaos that threatens to destroy her town and the foundations she’s built her life—and her sanity— upon.

In a tale full of the warmth of the Chihuahuan landscape, the Daylittle sisters and their quirky, unforgettable neighbors grapple with the unexpected shift in their universe and get an eye-opening lesson in what it really means to be human.

Gracey Daylittle returns to her family in New Orleans to attend her uncles funeral after being away for 10 years. Her mother is self involved and so its not so much her mother she came to see but her younger sister iny shocks them who when she announces shes pregnant and is summarily kicked out because her mother couldnt stand to be publicly shamed.Gracey immediately steps up as the cool big sis and offers to take Tiny back to Texas with her to the Little town Love and War where she runs a pie shop.


The small town of Love&War is a pretty unusual town as it doesnt appear on maps and and has some other quirky charasteristics wich we learn about as we

I bought this book on a whim after seeing some good reviews. I was kind of expecting a sweet tale about a woman who can make magic pies and maybe some slight supernatural elements would be involved.



But it turns out while I was right about magical pies there were some unexpected twists to the story as the two sisters find a man passed out by the side of the road and ends up taking him back to the house.


Because of his strange appearance with dark blue skin and wearing a cape they assume he belongs to the circus or some traveling theater groupe. But the next morning its revealed he is in fact a demon and presents himself as "Prime of Darkness" and after Gracey touching him and having an uncomfortable experience he disappears.


Only to return and demand she feeds him her cooking as he has aquired a taste for it.   So now Gracey finds herself having to feed this creature who is pretty much the defenition of bad as he has no qualms about feeding on peoples souls.


I could symphatize with Graceys conflicting feelings as she should despise him but at the same time she feels gratitude for him as he contionously rescue them.



I really liked the scenes he was in. Not that there is much romance in this but still.


The story is told in several different viewpoints of course there is the maincharacter Gracey and her sister Tiny but also eight year old Marco and the japanese girl Satsuko who might be more than she looks.


Not to mention two identical twin sisters who have recently appeared in town claiming to want to rebuild the church and spread the word of God to its citizens.


But no one is really as they seem in Love & War


Normally I hate mixing of mythologies and but in this book it meshed pretty well with the story without making me roll my eyes at it.


There is a pretty big cliffhanger but instead of annoying me it just makes me want the next book so much more.