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Did she just imagine him...or?

The Imaginary Gentleman - Helen Halstead

Lyme Regis, 1806

On the windswept foreshore, Laura Morrison has a brief, intense meeting with Mr. Templeton - their third chance encounter.

From that moment, he disappears and no one will confirm ever having seen him.

Laura risks danger and disgrace to discover the truth. Information comes to light convincing her family she is deluded - the gentleman imaginary. They conspire to force her to marry her cousin Sir Richard Morrison, in the belief that marriage will cure her ills. Laura begins to doubt her own sanity and agrees.

The conspiracy begins to unravel...



The heroine of "The Imaginary Gentleman" meets a very amiable man while she is out walking by the pier.They chat for a while and then part company,and she goes back to the cottage she is renting with her crippled brother who recently returned from the war and her vain and fashionable sister.

She tries to find out the mans adress...but...

It turns out no one knows of him or have seen him.Of course she wants to find out the truth of it so she enlists her brother in helping to inquire in the whereabouts of the man.

But  he has has vanished into thin air.

Her brother and sister thinks she is going insane because she keeps persisting in having seeing this mysterious man despite evidence to the contrary.


Soon even Laura begins to think she might have imagined this gentleman. Conjured up a suitable suitor to avoid dealing with her reality as a spinster without too many prospects.



At times I started to suspect the heroine was one of those unreliable narrators

                              And even that she had actually gone mad.

The author has this way of writing that makes one uneasy at times and she offsets this beautifully by showing the mundane side of life in the regency era.It heightens the suspense when others also begin to see the heroine as a little bit odd making her feel isolated and vulnerable.

A suspenseful read. I wouldnt call it a gothic precisely but it has shades of it. I would recommend reading it through to the end to find out the truth