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Maid fetish creeps me out

Sir Genkaku Host Club - KuroKoneko Kamen

Marie is an American girl who is whisked away to Tokyo, Japan at a young age to become the maid of a wealthy estate. Marie grows up to become an eccentric, clumsy, fairytale-obsessed young woman who has the misfortune of falling in love with her Goshuujin-sama (Master).

She thinks Master Akito loves her back until the day she follows him to a host club and discovers he's a notorious playboy who's only been toying with her emotions.


Marie decides to leave the Usui mansion and immediately gets into trouble allowing her to cross paths with her mysterious rescuer - Genkaku, an Illusionist Host, who owns the 'Sir Genkaku Host Club'. Genkaku can become any woman's 'dream man' using his unique mage abilities. Marie is inspired by the host and decides to become the #1 host in all of Kabukicho to beat Akito at his own game.



Left starless because it doesnt even deserve a half star


Reading the excerpt of this book I can deduce two things about the author 1)she loves manga and 2)she belives piling a bunch of shoujo manga cliches together forms a plot

Dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with liking manga. I for one like manga but this book was just craziness on top of crazy.


First we have the story or what passes for it.

Marie was orphaned on Christmas eve when her loving parents were killed in an car accident. Then she was sent to an orphanage wich she ran away from only to be found by a japanese lady and taken back to Japan to serve as a the ladys sons personal maid


Ummm... do anyone see the problem with this scenario? I think american governmen might have an issue or two with a minor being transported illegally out of american jurisdiction to a foreign country and used for child labor


Then interspersed with the english dialogue we have the odd japanese word tossed in to really establish that this takes place in Japan and that everyone is actually speaking japanese and not english.


Marie is also 22 and "still believes in fairytales and Disney" and she has golden blondehair and baby blue eyes "filled with childlike wonder"


This is what passes for characterbuilding in this book apperantly as characters are described more how they look and what quirky/interesting/weird character traits they have been stuck with.


I start to suspect the author has some kind of maid fetish and/or unhealthy obsession with japanese culture at large.I would like this book was written as a parody and not meant to be taken seriously werent it for it being so expensive on Kindle.


I swear I could take almost any passage out of this book excerpt and prove my point.


"Marie felt a trickle of drool go down her chin at the mental image of her Akito in a tux"




or rather