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Bookmooch package in my mail!

Khyren - Aline Boucher

Went to fetch the mail today and found a book package from a kindly Bookmoocher. Yay!


Book in question is Khyren ´by Aline Boucher Kaplan wich ive been hyped about since I learnt about it in this thread





She was a stranger in a very strange land...

There was no warning. One moment Dara was jogging through her comfortable suburban neighborhood; the next she was regaining consciousness... somewhere. The stars were all wrong. She was utterly alone.

But without food, shelter, or the local language, Dara could not hope to keep her freedom. She is captured by hunters and taken to their lord's estates, there to be trained as a servant. In the process she learns much about the world where must spend the rest of her life. On Khyren, a woman's only status lies in her fertility and men must fight to hold on to wealth and power. For some, there is love...but Dara puts such hopes aside in her determination to find a path through the maze of intrigue, science and superstition that is KHYREN



Now for the reading. Wish me luck.