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This isnt the reader you are looking for.

For some reason I got the offer of an ARC  from Netgalley.


I have to admit at one time I considered signing up on Netgalley but I never did because I got the impression it made reading into something like a chore. (its supposed to be pleasurable!) 


But anyhow... I guess I should be thinking "wow an ARC for little me?!" And I guess that would have been my reaction if it was one of the genres I usually read and love like paranormal/fantasy,historical fiction,historical romance and you get the idea.


Ive even been known to read the odd contemporary romance too if it has an interesting plot.


But a new adult contemporary romance about the requisited damaged girl who does drugs and one night stands to escape her miserable reality,but hold on theres this guy (who also has a PAST and tattoos who she finds her pulled to.Also she has amnesia and cant remember why criminals are after her/them.



This isnt the reader you are looking for.


(The book in question was called Beautiful Addictions by Season Vining if youre curious.Maybe it can be your kind of book)