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Ludwig Revolution

Ludwig Revolution, Vol. 1 - Kaori Yuki Ludwig Revolution 02 - Kaori Yuki Ludwig Revolution, Band 3: BD 3 - Kaori Yuki Ludwig Revolution, Vol. 4 - Kaori Yuki

 Ludwig Revolution (or as it is known in japanese Ludwig Kakumei , is a gothic horror shōjo manga by Kaori Yuki. The story tells about Prince Ludwig who is ordered by his father to find himself a wife more suitable (by more suitable, he means not dead) than the women he often brings into the castle. Along with his servant Wilhelm, they travel across the land in search of fair maidens from classic stories in hopes of finding Ludwig a wife.


An arrogant and manipulative prince and his long suffering manservant travels around searching for a suitable bride for him and ends up in various entangled various versions of fairytales.


The stories are (pardon the pun)very grim,most always with some bizarre horror twist to the fairytales we have been told since we were children. Or maybe I should say they are what fairytales were before they were cleaned up- and then some! considering its a work by Kaori Yuki

But be warned dont expect a typical charming hero and dont expect the requisite happy ending and you might find you like this manga.


                The art is insanely beautiful and its worth reading it just for that.


There is a sequel to the main series called Ludwig Gensoukyoku/Ludwig Fantasia