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Bride of Deimos manga by

Bride of Deimos, Volume 1 - Etsuko Ikeda, Yuho Ashibe Bride of Deimos, Volume 2 - Etsuko Ikeda, Yuho Ashibe

Yoshiko is not one of the prettiest girls in school and feels everyone knows this. What happens when a handsome young man quickly falls in love with her? Nothing good, if Deimos is around. The skull-shaped birthmark of a deceased friend begins showing up on othersis Deimos behind it?



Deimos and Venus were a pair of siblings living happily at Mount Olympus when they fell in love and was punished for their sin. Deimos was turned into a demon and Venus was trapped in an abyss and left to rot. Hoping to acquire a human body for his beloved (ick) sister ,Deimos went to the human world to find it.

He found Minako a young girl who was the spitting image of Venus and told her would take her away as his "bride" and that she would one day come willingly. (from what I can remember)

So now Minakos peaceful days as are over as she continually is exposed to the sinister antics of Deimos and other supernatural events.

Not to mention the hidden evil that dwells in the heart of humans.

During my convalescence (a cold) in bed I took the time to catch up on this horror manga and write a small review.

The first thing about this manga is the character of Deimos true he might be demonic and imoral.
But he sure makes it look good while hes being evil ;)

Its a pity Minako is hardly a worthy opponent as our bigeyed heroine is pretty useless...she does admittedly sometimes makes an halfhearted effort to save the victim of Deimos/other supernatural horror but most of the time she is oblivious or doesnt really seem all that bothered.

At least Deimos has an excuse for being horrible-he is a demon after all.

The chapters doesnt form a contiuous arch in fact if not for the presence of Deimos and Minako they could just as well have been one-shots.

What usually starts off a story is that Minako makes a new friend of love interest and they usually die in horrific murders accidents or by their own hand.You would think people would take a hint but..meh

So why keep on reading?

Well it is undemanding and the art apart from the blood and horror bits is pretty to look at. The art is very 70s with long flowing hair and legs that go on for forever...and thats just the male characters