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Dark Siren by Eden Ashley

Dark Siren - Eden Ashley

This book is shallow. Shallow,shallow,shallow

The characters,the plot,the descriptions...shallow This book is a lesson in shallow writing.

Kali is Beautiful with an hourglass figure.But she hates being pretty because she just hates it.

Kali had remained flat and straight until her second year of high school. But in the summer that followed, she had eaten an hourglass. Ample curves appeared out of nowhere to fill out Kali’s athletic figure, exponentially complementing her already olive-skinned, dark beauty. A well-above average height lent her the illusion of maturity, and people constantly mistook Kali for a college student.

She also has an off and on again boyfriend ,Callan- who has "perfect blond hair and flawless skin" Why are they together?

No idea beyond that they are apperantly both good looking and the relationship not helped by the fact that Callan for some reason has a problem with her going around kissing other guys.

She needs to do this to get their essence...she tried once with her BF but he tasted wrong. Kali goes to the cinema where an UGLY fat person wants to sit next to her and he makes some lewd remarks (she ponders this might be her punishment for telling to many fat jokes)

This is payback for every fat joke I’ve ever made. Thank you, Universe.

but she is saved by a guy who is"absurdly good looking. Silver lighting accented every perfect line and angle of his face. Several locks from his thick mass of hair fell idly across his forehead, slightly curling at the ends. There was softness to his features that suggested he could be a keeper."

The ugly fat person then turns out to be EVIL and tries to attack Kali...and this is where I checked out of the story