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A mere formality by Ilona Andrews

A Mere Formality - Ilona Andrews

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Deirdre is part of the diplomatic corps.She is smart but confined to backstage during the banquet given to try and win the warlike Reigh lord over to their side.

Things go very wrong when he dies after eating red fishcaviar.His son the next Lord Nagrad demands a huge sum for the affront of killing his father. Oh and he also wants a bride.

...and that is Deirdre.

What follows are bargaining sessions and Deirdre finding out some very unexpected things about the new Reigh Lord.

This is definetely not a story to be taken seriously. For one thing there is a Duke of Rodkill but despite it being written as a joke I really got into the story and enjoyed the flippant mood (and dirty jokes)

Just wish it could have been a full lenght book.