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Accomplished In Murder: 1 (The Accomplished Mysteries) - Dara England

Drucillas has not met her friend whatshername since Before whatshernames wedding when a letter arrives asking her to come.Sensing there is something more than her companionship she requires Drucilla takes her aunt and heads to the countryside.


On arrival she learn that has fallen to her death just hours Before.

Can she solve who did it?


My recap of this is a unengaging as the short story itself.


The mystery in this was very weak. I am not sure how much "skill in detection" was needed for this one,as I swear I knew who the murderer was the moment he appeared in the story.


How am I supposed to find a reason to care for the death of whatshername when her friend takes it so placidly.The murder of a close friend should mean more. Even if she only is fiction.


Then there is the mysterious way "Drucilla" for one instant becomes "Pricilla" Editing here please.