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The Seventh Bride - T. Kingfisher

The Seventh Bride - T. Kingfisher

Rhea the millers daughter is if not happy with her life at least content. Even if she has to fish out the occassional mangled gremlin or the ongoing feud she has with a sandwich stealing swan. But her predictable life changed whenher parents tell her that a certain Lord Crevan wants to marry her and seem to think this is great news.


Rhea knew she would be getting married someday,someday she envisioned as not now but later.Much later. And not to a man old enough to be her father,and who gives her the creeps


Her parents and Lord Crevans say she has a choice to refuse but truth is she really hasnt. Not that her parents are wicked but they love her and wants whats best for her and she knows if she would refuse to marry ,Lord Crevan might go to his friend the Viscount and make them lose the mill and their livelihood.


But she is amazed that they cant tell that this is wrong and that there is something wrong with Lord Crevan. He asks her to come to his home in the forest ,oh and if she could come at night that would be great.


Rhea firmly convinced now that things arent as they ought but remembering that refusing could make things worse for her family,trudges on. When she decides to have a good cry a hedgehog appears with a leaf for her to dry her eyes with.


Its a bit odd to be sure but the hedgehog seems to want to come with her so she tucks it into her pocket.


When she arrives at Lord Crevans home she learns that he is not at home but more importantly that he has more than one wife.


“I’m sorry,” said Rhea carefully, “but I think I must have misheard you.”


The cook’s eyes danced with a kind of jovial malice. “No, you didn’t. Wives. Wives, wives, wives. As in married. As in more than one. As in me, and Sylvie, and Ingeth, and the clock-wife and the golem-wife and the Lady Elegans, who is lying out in the graveyard.”


Once Lord Crevan arrives home he tells her if she can complete some tasks for him Rhea will be free of the betrothal but if she fails at these she will have to marry him.


Rhea accepts.


The inspiration for this clearly comes from the tale of Bluebeard but instead of a Prince saving the day there is just Rhea


I loved this book and its main character Rhea ,she is a very sensible person and someone I think a lot of  Girls could identify with.Not just Girls either


Something I also noticed was that while we learn that Rheas hair and skin are dark and that her face is "not bad" and isnt that what girls ought to think of themselves that they are fine just as we are?



as well as some adult ones. Because while the Writing is humorous it also gets darker and darker as the book goes on.


A big part of what makes this so dark is our villain Lord Crevan who we dont find out a whole lot about him and what we do find out is through the smidgeon of information that Rhea leanrs.


But I know this.



The things he did was so evil and nasty.


I could only nod grimly when Rhea made a comparision between him and Swans.


He was wearing white again. He looked clean and elegant, and Rhea was reminded again of the swan from the millrace.  Very noble, very beautiful, and vicious down to the bone.





Before I end this review I just have this to say.


1)I loved the hedgehog

2)I would love to read another adventure with Rhea and the hedgehog.