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Humility Garden by Felicity Savage

Humility Garden - Felicity Savage

I picked up Humility Garden because it was a) free and b)it sounded vaguely interesting.

I was subsequently proven wrong on both accounts.


Humility Gardens betrothed Beau is being taken away to the decaden capital city to be an eternal ghost(no idea) on account of his great beauty,and Humi asks if she can come with him so they go with Godsbrother Sensuality.


This book had a writing style that was like grasping fog.Occassionally you will bump into some piece of worldbuilding but its still a dim view so you cant connect the rest.


But much more than this the reason I decided to DNF this book was because did not want to find out more about this books world where young boys and girls are kept as sexual companions to some mystical persons and the female main character is offhandedly described as being used and submitting for sex one night  with no emotional connection.


Persons chosen by the gods to be blessed and or special take advantage of young people for their own pleasures. Hmm why does this leave a bad taste in my mouth...can you guess?


Give me dark fantasies,bleak horror and glimpses into twisted minds but dont excpect me to continue reading a book where such things are met with indifference and acceptance.