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Swynmoor by Joelle Mellon.

Swynmoor - Joelle Mellon

Kerris Seaborn is a Foundling that was left at the steps of the local Abbey and was raised there to become the young woman we meet on the first page of the book.


She means well but sometimes things dont go exactly right

After she accidentally turns the pickles she was working on blue she tries to fix it bythem with a spell she found in an book about Old Reachian enchantments


The pickles are restored and Kerris learns that she is to be the one to travel to Swynmoor castle with the abbeys tithe (in form of the pickles) and Kerris will represent the Abbey and the nuns.


Kerris is excited to see something of the World outside and she is soon on her way.


At Swynmoor the young nobleman Tomlin is standing in for Lord Swynmoor while his uncle is away taking the waters in Finbarr Springs.


Things are running smoothly enough but Tom is dreading the arrival of his Aunt Jilona who is set to descend on them any moment with a young woman who would make him a suitable bride. The prospect is even more fearsome to him than the army of Reynaud the Black who is making its way to the castle (under the banner of a hedgehog)


But Tom cheers up a bit when he spots the beautiful young nun newly arrived to the castle but in just that moment Reynaud the Black lays siege to the castle and well now no one can leave.


Luckily the inhabitants of the castle has plenty of food to eat and there is that batch of improved pickles that Kerris brought along...


Nothing will go as its meant to go and yet everything will turn out right.


This is a sweet little tale. More comedic than truly deep characters. But you root for them


The world in wich this is set is a mixture of medieval and fantasy with a dash of 19th century. There is magic but


I actually read some reviews wich compared it to the books of PG Woodehouse. I cant confirm or deny this as I have only seen the Jeeves and Wooster tvseries. But it does have a sense of the same lighthearted atmosphere as that.


Also fearsome aunts who wants to straighten up their nephews.


This was a very pleasant read to me.


While I dont think this will be the book to change your outlook on life or leave you with a big revelation but it will give you some hours of entertainment and you will (hopefully) close the last page and put it down with a smile on your lips.


The ending seems to hint that there will be a sequel and I wouldnt mind to read more about Kerris Seaborn,Tomlin Moondown and their friends,relatives and enemies.


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