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Shangai Sparrow by Gaie Sebold

Shanghai Sparrow - Gaie Sebold




I got this ARC from Netgalley and this is my honest Review of it.


Evvie the sparrow works for Ma Pether (think like a female Fagin) She prefers not to think about her childhood and focus on the present wich is hard enough

She is approached by Holmfort who tempts her with the possibility of advancement in life and a pension after she has completed a task for him.

Evvie is shipped off to a boarding school used to train girls in the service of the empire but seems to be mostly used to hide away the illegitemate daughters of peers.

The first thing you need to know about Evvie is that she is DEVIOUS.

Another character describes her perfectly

Innocent to some and a rogue to others

But she has a good heart so I still liked her. Shes plucky


Bartitsu.Steampunk elements and

I liked that the author didnt shy away from the seedier and not so pretty parts of the Victorian era.

The story had depth

I kept waiting for romance to happen

But then I realized just like this story does perfectly fine without inserting a romance so does Evvie. She has too many other things to think about

There were actually several times when I though to myself. Give the poor girl a break. Hasnt she been through enough?

This is a book full of what I would like to call in lack of a better word- Girl power.

That said I really liked Liu (and hes a fox spirit)

I felt the reasons for the animosity against the Folk was a bit vague

And what about that Aidan. What was his deal?

The prologue I am not so sure I liked because of the implications when it comes to the future of Evvie.

Will there be no more adventures for Eveline Duchen?!