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Heart of Night - Kathryn Ravenwood

Lionesse Coeur de Noir is a graduate student with a scholarship to the exclusive Otakimishi College in Tokyo, Japan. When her roommates turn out to be a nightmare, she looks to a local Shinto shrine's tradition of the yearly "Bride" as a means of escape. But instead of a quiet place to focus on her studies, she finds that the temporary marriage is more than she bargained for!

Naito no Hāto's demonic power has protected the shrine from natural disaster, war, famine and disease for centuries while he slept- uncaring of the mortal world. Until the one whose soul called to his placed her name into the jar- waking him from the darkness, calling him into the light. With only a year to share, theirs is a marriage forged in the heart of night.


Lionesse de Coeur Noir has been accepted at a japanese university


After her three roomates starts to harass her she is at a loss what to do until her new friend Kimiko tells her she could try to become the bride of the deity/demon of a shinto shrine Naito no Haito wichmeans literally heart of night

She will be allowed to live there for free just a year Its a purely ceremonial wedding and all she has to do is attend some temple events/ceremonies.


One the same night the drawing of the names takes place Lionesse has a dream about a samurai asking her if she is in love with someone to wich she answers no.


The next day she is told she has been chosen to be the bride.


After the wedding ceremony she is taken to her "bridegrooms" chambers and wakes up when she feels she is not alone. A hot guy appears and thinking its a dream she allows herself to be seduced and yada yada.




I can understand what the author was going with this and I guess I was pulled into because it sounded like the plot of a supernatural shoujo manga, but its so badly executed it just came across as slightly immature and full of contrived coincidences and with a maincharacter who is this unbearableMary Sue.


Who very easily choses to get involved in a very different cultures religious belief There was no resistance to this just a general  "ok so free room and board.cool! where do I sign up?"doesnt really feel believable. Oh and her last name also means "heart of night" in french clearly a sign she was fated to do this.


I really didnt like the main character She speaks fluent japanese...without even an accent.People are always praising her for it.


Here are some sample quotes.


My name is pronounced Lee-o-ness, but I don’t expect any but the most intelligent to figure that out." Li’s accent and Japanese were flawless.


"I didn’t expect you to speak Japanese, let alone so fluently.   You don’t even have an accent," his surprise was evident as he bowed to her in return.


She didn’t want to sound pretentious. The fact that she spoke Japanese was a shock and delight to both her guide and the rest- and they complimented her on her fluency, which pleased her immensely.


Starting to sound a little bit pretentious now.


"You obviously aren’t Japanese, but you speak and behave like a native.   Add to that, your English has a lovely southern America lilt, and your name sounds like it came from Paris- or maybe Versailles.   Even your boss wouldn’t tell me.   What’s the big mystery?"


Yes apperantly this author doesnt think the japanese know France exists,but Versailles is a perfectly good place to be from.


"You’ve been translating all evening with such eloquence, I find myself wondering where you’re from.   Your Japanese is without accent, but your English has a distinctly southern flavor," he said.   "Miss Coeur de Noir, was it?   That sounds French.   You are a pack of contradictions."


But when someone who is actually  japanese speak english in this book they have an accent or atrocious english..or she cant simply understand them and instantly goes into condescending mode.


"Miss Coeur de Noir?   Can you hear me?" the heavily accented English was so hard to understand that it made her already pounding skull thud all the more. "I hear you, I just don’t understand you," Li said in perfect Japanese