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Tangled Tides - Karen Amanda Hooper

Yara Jones doesn't believe in sea monsters-until she becomes one. When a hurricane hits her island home and she wakes up with fins, Yara finds herself tangled up in an underwater world of mysterious merfolk and secretive selkies. Both sides believe Yara can save them by fulfilling a broken promise and opening the sealed gateway to their realm, but they are battling over how it should be done. The selkies want to take her life. The merfolk want something far more precious.

Treygan, the stormy-eyed merman who turned Yara mer, will stop at nothing and sacrifice everything to protect his people-until he falls for Yara. The tides turn as Yara fights to save herself, hundreds of sea creatures, and the merman who has her heart. She could lose her soul in the process-or she might open the gateway to a love that's deeper than the oceans.



This book had no build up. You are just dropped in the middle of it and left to flounder. (pun intended)


It starts out promising with the main character preparing for a storm to hit when she is approached by a guy,and from then on its downhill.


I had the impression her transformation would happen later in the book but she just meets a strange guy and in the next paragraph she is a mermaid.

But she is still 100% snarky and not in a good way.

The main character is annoying and childish,constantly uttering such memorable things as "gross" or "ewww"


Her boyfriend has no qualms about ogling other girls(redheads are totally his type) but its totally ok,because hes loyal to Yara.But he doesnt want to be labeled as her boyfriend.

Also hes got an awesome white coat...and a goatee. :/


But the main character assures the reader that Rownan is attractive in a million ways.


The goatee and the fur coat just scream attractive cool-ness. *rolls eyes*


Another character smokes "c-weed" Get it? Sound it out. Also a "seagarette" at first I thought it was a typo.<b>But it wasnt</b>


The characters are paperthin and sometimes the dialogue between is harder to decipher than the Rosetta stone.


If you have made it your goal to read every mermaid book there is then go ahead, but I cant recommend this book. I think the author needs alot more experience in world construction and plotting and credible characters.


And to end it on a positive note. It did have an interesting book cover.