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Unlikely by Frances Pauli (Kingdoms Gone)

Unlikely - Frances Pauli

Satina knows more than anyone that gangs are bad news. As a Granter, she uses her magic to help people escape them. So far, her sole reward has been a life on the run, dodging from pocket to pocket and only landing in the ordinary world long enough to put her special skills to use.

When the goodmother arrives in Westwood, however, a magic-hungry gang is just one step behind her, and their leader wants more than just the town. He wants Satina, and he'll do anything, use anyone, to get her.

Though Satina finds an unlikely ally in Marten, the imp Skinner who manages to help more people than he hurts, it will take all the power they can summon to keep Westwood's secrets from falling into the wrong hands, to keep one wide-eyed girl from following the wrong man, and to keep Satina herself from falling in love with the only person in the world who knows how much of a fraud she really is.

The maincharacter Satina is a goodmother on the run from the magical gangs that control things in the world where the book is set.


While on the run she accidentally encounters another magical creature,Marten the Imp Skinner and follows him back to a village where she is surprised to learn hes accepted (or at least tolerated by the townspeople because he uses his abilites to help them (for the most of the time)


Satina contemplates staying around for a bit,maybe this is a haven for her kind?


Then suddenly one of the magic gangs led by Vane appears to take over the village,and she is only saved in the nick of time by Marten who sends her off to a friend of his who lives in a cottage just outside the village.She is sheltered by the old lady named Hadja who lives there who despite being full human has magical abilites too.


Now Satina and her new friends have to figure out a way to escape detection from the ambitious Vane and his gang and make them leave.


So now to my thoughs about this book.There were many things that were unclear about the world and its inhabitants.Things that I would liked to have gotten a more information about. Like for example what the history between the Starlight and Shades gangs were or even what the name of the land where the book takes place is called. This bothered me.


The writing seemed at times to be a bit clunky and not flowing so smoothly that I had to go back and re-read sentences to see what I had missed.And another thing I found irked me were the names. You have characters named Satina,Marten and Hadja and then you have a gargoyle named Henry of all things.


Oh and also-the villain Vane was also something of a cardbox cut out villain


Now you might think I hated this book but I dont.I just expected to be more,well EPIC.


I actually liked the characters such as they were and it did have some witty dialogue and though I am not sure I would recommend this book but I do feel that the author has potential and maybe just need to refine her writing skills a bit more and flesh out her worldbuilding and supporting characters. It was just a shame that it faltered in those aspects because it could have been great.


“Nice night for it.” “Excuse me?” She squinted and made her voice tremble. Her hand slid under a fold of cloak, fumbled for the bag of soft powder.


“Nice night, lovely moon, a little magic.”


His voice matched his build, wily, lithe and never quite holding completely still. A lightweight cloak swirled at the back of his knees, and though the moonlight beyond made him a swath of shadow, his eyes sparked yellow with the word, magic, and she knew she’d been right about his blood.