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Blurb is a liar

The Devil in Crystal - Erica Lindley


Beautiful young Amity Lucas came to the isolated Yorkshire manor of Mallory Keep as ignorant of its grim past as she was innocent of the ways and wiles of evil.

But all too soon terrifying knowledge was thrust upon her.

In the yellowing pages of a forbidden manuscript, Amity learned of the fate that awaited a woman in this fortress of the proud and doom-haunted Fairfax clan.

In the iron-strong arms of its demonically driven master, she discovered the power of a passion that would not be denied.


Its the victorian era Amity Lucas has arrived in Yorkshire to take up her post as a companion to Regina Mallory.As she is trudging up to the house a man on horseback nearly rides her down (JANE EYRE!!!) and acts very rude blaming her for the near accident.When he hears shes to become companion to the lady at Mallory Keep he gets even angrier and gallops off.

Amity continues to the keep where she meets her employer who is surprisingly a young lady but with a disfiguring scar across her face.She also learns that the man on horseback was Damian Mallory,her employers brother and master of Mallory Keep.

Master in name only as he suffered a tragic love affair and distraught over this prefers to wander the moors for days at a time.So its left to his sister to handle the actual estate matters. Its best to keep out of Damians way really.

Immedietaly after her arrival she starts to notice that mysterious things are going on.

Why are the maid and one of the stable grooms whispering in corners and going off mysteriously at times? And furthermore who is or was Rachel and whats the deal with the awful black cat Amity keeps seeing?

This has all the hallmarks of a gothic.Family haunted by a curse? check.Dark brooding guy? check,secrets and moors check.

But the trouble is that it has so many of the gothic tropes it gets quite ridicilous and its highlighted when Amity meets the local vicar and he starts babbling on about all the totally HORRIBLE and CURSED events and places in the neighbourhood.Amity barely bats an eyelid at this and thats one of the problems with her character.

She is to placid,too lifeless.She just drifts along and for a companion does very little companioning (well its a good excuse for an author to place their heroine on a moor in a damp keep) But despite this we are supposed to believe she and Regina have gotten SO CLOSE. Just felt like lazy writing


But as I said before the blurb is so so misleading and intentionally so because even though much is made of

(view spoiler)[the heroine and the "demonic" master of the keep (Damian)...they dont fall in love. Instead heroine starts to fall for some super bland guy who appears claiming to be a relative of the Mallorys.Mind you Regina tries to hook up Amity and her brother by insisting they get married so Amity can save Damian from his own demons.Turns out he was a catholic priest who got seduced by the Beautiful but bad Rachel leading to him despising himself and her getting pregnant and dying in childbirth.Wich didnt help his mental wellbeing so much.Then at the end of the book Damian has a hissy fit and starts a fire wich leads to his death

(show spoiler)


I have to admit to skimming a lot of it




The following is a conversation between me and my friend over on GR about this book and I found it a bit funny so I wanted to share.


Rane: I know it's wrong

(view spoiler)[but I couldn't help but laugh at the end of your review with the hissy fit that kills! So does Amity end up with Mr.Bland in the end?

(show spoiler)

Me:  lol well its a bit hilarious in a wrong wrong way.Well I say the hissy fit starts the fire but its really like this.~~~~

(view spoiler)

[They are in Rachels room/shrine and its suggested that a portrait of her be taken down and thats what sets him off. EVIL Rachel burned Regina with an oil lamp and Damian threatens to do the same because IT WAS ALL HER FAULT things ended so badly between him and Rachel,so Amity rushes forward to stop him and grab his arm but trips over the black cat and the oil lamp falls into a bed and starts a fire.


Regina faints and Amity says to Damian to stop acting crazy at wich point he starts laughing manically and runs to the stairs when the black cat makes HIM trip (that darn cat!) and fall down the stairs.

(show spoiler)


Me: Oh and I forgot to say. Yes they end up together.    



Rane :LOL!   all in a day's work then!    

               Evil black kitty courtesy of Rane "The Queen" Aria who is a pretty cool person and fellow reader of books wich she likes to discuss about on her blog