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The Girl In The Box (Gaian Series) - Janet Miller

Amirilla Asteras has a long-distance relationship with Ganth, a man she's never seen, but who has wormed his way into her heart.


Unfortunately Ganth is a Gaian man must attach to a woman who is whole and healthy, and Ammi has been confined to a box-like wheelchair all of her life. She knows her misshaped legs should keep them apart but Ganth has his own plans for the girl in the box.



                                  This short story is set in outer space.

Our heroine Ammi suffers from a birth defect wich means she cant use her legs,causing her to use a box like device (henche the title) to get around.

She works at a space station where spaceships dock and refuels.One day she made the aquitaince of with a young Gaian man  named Ganth via the intercom and has come to look forward to his company every time his fathers spaceship passes by the spacestation.

One day he asks to meet her,but she is too afraid to destroy their relationship by revealing that she is disabled and he also couldnt meet her because his people has this quirk of imprinting on the opposite sex.Meaning if they are not careful they would have to marry that person at once.E


Even if they were totally wrong for each other.


The heroine thinks the hero would be horrified to be saddled with her and her useless body.Yes as you can guess she has major issues about this.Cue angst.

I have read the authors other full lenght books set in the same universe,but I think this one might be my favorite.It was a short but sweet read.