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//Snow White//Beauty and the Beast//The Little Mermaid//Alice in Wonderland//Cinderella//Sleeping Beauty


Ive been in love with this music video for quite some time as it puts one of my favorite artists together with fairytales. In the words of the creative person who created this.


My original spec music video for the incredibly talented indie pop artist Marina and the Diamonds comprised of a supermix of tracks from her inspiring debut album, "The Family Jewels."

The story reimagines a myriad of classic princess mythologies that every little boy and girl has grown up either adoring...resenting...fulfilling...(or a conflicted mixture of all those feelings), and writes each fairy tale its own unique, modern twist. This message: of carving your own path and ultimately following your heart, regardless of expectation or society, is very near and dear to me and hopefully reflected in the spirit of this film.