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Midsummer Moon - Joy Reed

Although she is an heiress, Miss Jane Reynolds's quiet life with a widowed aunt has left her on the shelf at 26. Now she is spending the summer with her irrepressible cousin Cynthia in the country--when two very eligible gentlemen arrive.


Naturally, Jane assumes they will be courting her cousin. Yet Sir George Overton, one of the most fashionable Pinks of the ton, is quite taken with her--and well on his way to losing his heart!



I quite enjoyed Joy Reeds other book "The Duke and Miss Denny" very much and was curious to see if I would like her other books too. So I bought "Midsummer moon" and set to reading.


Our heroine Jane Reynolds is spending the summer with her aunt and cousin in the country while her other aunt (who she lives with) is touring Europe to look at old battlefields.She is grateful for that as the aunt is somewhat of a domineering woman.


Her aunt and younger cousin are discussing the arrival of the new heir to an estate nearby,that is really something out of the ordinary.Turns out the excentric old lady who owned it was mad about building fanciful structures in her gardens.


Curious to see it once more Janes cousin convinces her to sneak out and have a look at the gardens,before the new owner arrives and they become off limits.

They are exploring and playing around when they are interrupted by a very fashionable man,that turns out to be the new heir George Overton.


Jane becomes a bit fretful of them appearing as intruders,but he soon sets them at ease by teasing them and being all around friendly.Lydia (the cousin) even invites him to come home with them to have dinner.


Soon its not long before Jane and George of them finds themselves together on other ocassions,and becoming quite the good friends and maybe more....


There was so much to like in this book,the chemistry of the hero and heroine,the country setting and the quirky supporting characters.

It was nice having a heroine that wasnt feisty and headstrong.The heroine was no pushover but she didnt start an argument at the drop of a hat (or bonnet) She is the kind of heroine I really like and can sympatize with.




The hero was also a delight since he has a somewhat teasing manner and likes to dress well. It was refreshing from the usual dark and brooding heroes that usually occupy historical romances (im not saying I dont like them but every now and then you get tired of that)



Another thing that I liked was that the cousin and aunt arent the villains,nor is the heroine poor and therefore reliant on their goodwill.Also since this takes place in the country there is no Almacks as so many other regencies like to use as a startoff point.



The romance is slow but its enjoyable to read along while the couple get to know each other.


In short a very sweet read with shades of Austen. A real gem.



((paraphrased..dont have the book with me atm))