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Sacrament of Night - Louise Cooper

They've been visiting the human world for centuries, the strange, frail, totally colorless denizens of the Twilight Dimension. Lured by the color, the brightness, the sheer vitality of mankind's world, they mean no harm--but few of them ever return home.


Foss Agate, well-to-do physician and dabbler in the 'supernatural sciences', has a burning ambition: to break the secret of the gateway between the worlds by capturing a living twilight creature. But his captive is no ordinary twilight dweller, Charn in an emissary of his queen, sent on a mission to discover the fate of her son and heir, who vanished years ago within the human world.


Torn by loyalty to Foss and compassion for his victim is his daughter, Calliope--a young girl who cannot help but fall prey to Charn's spell and who holds the key to a long-hidden secret. But before she can unlock the door to the past she must overcome the fear that threatens to destroy her. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the Sacrament of Night..



This book takes place in a fantasy world and the main character is a girl named Calliope Agate.

Calliopes father Foss Agate is a scientist and she lives with him and her stepmother and her half-siblings as her mother went insane when Calliope was a child and has been locked up in an insane asylum ever since.

The town in wich they live occasionally experiences visits of beings that they refer to as twilight creatures,Her father has a dreams of catching one of these creatures alive for himself and finally finding out exactly what these creatures are and where they come from.

One day he and his associates come across a man in the street. They can tell right away that he is no human as he has grey skin,hair and eyes.They manage to subdue him and bring him back to Foss laboratory.

There they subject him to painful "experiments" in the name of science.Calliopes father and his cronies pay little interest to his comfort and when Calliope is sent to check on the creature she is appalled by the state he is in.

She starts to gradually win his trust after treating his injuries and learns that his name is Charn.

Charn is one of these twilight creatures sent on mission by his queen to learn the whereabouts of her son,who went missing several years ago.This mission is very dangerous as the world in wich Calliope lives is too vivid for his people to sustain for very long. Even the light of the moon causes pain to them and if they were to stand in direct sunlight they would be badly burned.

Charn feeds of the life energy and even though he doesnt drain people of it all,they become ill afterwards. In this way he was pretty ruthless but as he tells Calliope in the book-would she rather he starve?

I found Calliope to be a bit of a hypocrite in the case of Charn. I mean if you know someone is being hurt(even if they are nonhuman)and you start crying about it. Wouldnt you try to help them escape?

I know,I know she is supposed to be very devoted to her father and wanting him to be pleased with her.But she is supposed to be 25 years old,not precisely a meek child I would say.

And speaking of inconcistence in her character I didnt really buy into her being a budding scientist.Were told this,but never shown.

So the story deals with Calliope dealing with trying to keep Charn alive and him trying to convince her to let him go.

And we go into a bit with her mother as in the end the reason for Calliopes mothers insanity is explained to be a cause of something called the sacrament of night

Wich leads us to the ending of this book as

Calliope and Charn finally find this mysterious element and use the sacrament of night to become...some thing.They ascend to a higher plane of existence possibly.There is mention of the universe being at their disposal.I felt very uncomfortable with this ending, it was a bit like when Romeo and Juliet kills themselves off at the end of the play. Sure they will be together forever,but its still not a happy ending

(show spoiler)

So in conclusion.Did i hate this book?

Not as such,I found the story had a lot of fascinating ideas but it ended up veering off into some unexpteced directions wich I didnt particulary care for.

Especially the ending. :/ I still wonder about it.


Got this book from Mundania Press