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Dark Angel: A Gothic Fairy Tale - T.J. Bennett

When young widow Catherine Briton is washed ashore, the sole survivor of a violent shipwreck, all she wants is to go home to London. But injured as she is, she can’t escape when a shadowy stranger rescues her and takes her to his castle—where she’s healed with suspicious, almost magical speed.

The more time Catherine spends in the castle, the more her curiosity rises where her fiercely handsome new "master," Gerard, is concerned. As she begins to investigate, though, her discoveries only bring more questions. It seems Gerard isn't the only one on the island keeping secrets…

The small town is full of strange mysteries and townspeople who know more than they should about her. And when a hulking beast that stalks the nearby hills and valleys catches up to her, Catherine must figure out what’s going on before it’s too late.


Young widow Catherine Briton is on her way home when the ship she is traveling on is shipwrecked and she and the other survivors are cast adrift in a lifeboat. She tells the sailor in charge that she can see land but he refuses to believe her but betrays himself when he says would never go ashore on the threat of his life

The lifeboat overturns spilling the passengers into the ocean and just as she has conciled herself with her death she is washed ashore and rescued by a dark mysterious man who appears to be the master of the island.


She is taken to his mansion to recover but is disbelieving when the Master tells her there is no way to leave the island.Impossible! She has to get back to her own life,there are people depending on her. But the Master,who says his name is Gerard maintains that her new life is on Ynos Nos...the dark island.


She cant really complain too muchabout her new situation since she is given every courtesy but that doesnt changer her determination to get back to the real world


Gerard,the master is fascinated by her stubborness and  refusal to treat him with deference like the rest of the inhabitants of the island and soon that fascination turns to passion wich has Catherine anxious since events in her past and her being a proper and prim victorian woman wont allow her to give in to her feelings. But she cant help herself from time to time.

The writing style has these little touches and a way of conveying the strangeness and at times creepiness of Ynos Nos I could go into more detail but then I would spoil the book. Lets just say it like this it is a very peculiar place but but the people living on the island has more or less come with terms with the strangeness even if some things are harder to get used to than others.

Gerard and the island has a lot of secrets but so does Catherine and we slowly find out some of them.


If I have some complaints its these.


I felt at times Catherine was abit back and forth about her feelings. One moment she is happily kissing Gerard only to in the next be overcome by guilt and reject his advances because she feels some guilt Or she judges him for events that happened way before they even met .Shes a bit what you would call a tease. It was a bit tiresome but judging by some instances in the book where there is references to the bible I cant help wonder if these decisisons regarding Catherines choices in the book has some thing to do with the author having strong beliefs. But I didnt feel the message was violently hammered into the narrative like some inspirational/christian authors tend to do. It was just present.And I felt it should be mentioned.


The ending felt very surreal and a rushed, but it was kind of keeping with the running theme in the book but I can see some readers be put off by it,I know I was a bit puzzled by it. But when I think back on it yes the ending could have been better but as the saying goes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."


And there were many good parts


I hope my complaint doesnt keep people from picking up this book since it I love the Beauty and the beast fairytale and this is a very original take on it and the gothic genre.