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Bad review-bad comment.

So it finally happened.Something I had been dreading ever since I started revieweing books.


I got a rabid fan comment on one of reviews.


It was as you probably can guess not a favorable one.Maybe the comment was not as harsh as some others but the subtext was clear. I was very a stupid person who was probably prudish.


But what makes this even stranger was that this commenter didnt even have that book in her list of books read and also that the author herself had commented my review before.


Not in angry way,it was a very civil reply. I even complimented her on her levelheaded approach.


I think its perfectly possible for an author whose book I hated to be a nice and funny person.Fans please dont give your favorite authors a bad name by commenting and making it seem like an author has commanded her hordes to bring down a person.


So how will I respond to this other comment? I wont.


I wont because I can just tell this is the kind of person who would love to set off a word of wars with me. For fun.