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Lady Staveley looked at him, exasperated. ‘What are you talking about? I wish you will not speak in riddles! Did you or did you not ask her to go and look at naked skeletons with you?’


‘Egyptian mummies, Mama … Egyptian mummies.’ ‘Well! Is that not virtually the same thing?’ ‘Not at all: they are all quite decently done up in bandages. Besides, she didn’t have to if she didn’t want. It was merely a suggestion.’


‘Yes, and a remarkably silly one! If that is your idea of being humorous—’ ‘I was not attempting to be humorous.’


‘You mean you are seriously trying to tell me that you would expect a young girl who has led a sheltered country existence to be enchanted by the prospect of going to view bandaged corpses with a man she is not yet even engaged to?’


‘Yes,’ he said, bluntly. ‘Why should she not?’


McCulloch, Sarah Merely a Gentleman


Not talking about the heroine here but its a crucial moment when he realizes he misses her, Just funny to me lol