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The Commorancy by Al K. Line

Orientation (The Commorancy Book 1) - Al K. Line

A disease hits humanity called "The Lethargy" and a man named Marcus builds a complex with a lot of rooms.

Thats all I can say about this books plot as there is only so much I could take.

The two first chapters are about a shut-in gamer guy who wonders why his mother hasnt brought him food in a while and goes out of his room to find she has the Letarghy.

The second chapter is about a woman of nigerian/japanese parentage whose father during her childhood kept obsessing about the texture and the color of her skin.

I kept wondering when the supposed maincharacter would arrive on page when we meet Marcus in the third chapter where he has a surreal conversation with another guy.

Whats going on with this book I dont know but I do know that I felt like I was being lectured about spending too much time on the computer or something.


The disease of the modern age!

Zero stars.