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The Seventh Bride - T. Kingfisher

The Seventh Bride - T. Kingfisher

Rhea the millers daughter is if not happy with her life at least content. Even if she has to fish out the occassional mangled gremlin or the ongoing feud she has with a sandwich stealing swan. But her predictable life changed whenher parents tell her that a certain Lord Crevan wants to marry her and seem to think this is great news.


Rhea knew she would be getting married someday,someday she envisioned as not now but later.Much later. And not to a man old enough to be her father,and who gives her the creeps


Her parents and Lord Crevans say she has a choice to refuse but truth is she really hasnt. Not that her parents are wicked but they love her and wants whats best for her and she knows if she would refuse to marry ,Lord Crevan might go to his friend the Viscount and make them lose the mill and their livelihood.


But she is amazed that they cant tell that this is wrong and that there is something wrong with Lord Crevan. He asks her to come to his home in the forest ,oh and if she could come at night that would be great.


Rhea firmly convinced now that things arent as they ought but remembering that refusing could make things worse for her family,trudges on. When she decides to have a good cry a hedgehog appears with a leaf for her to dry her eyes with.


Its a bit odd to be sure but the hedgehog seems to want to come with her so she tucks it into her pocket.


When she arrives at Lord Crevans home she learns that he is not at home but more importantly that he has more than one wife.


“I’m sorry,” said Rhea carefully, “but I think I must have misheard you.”


The cook’s eyes danced with a kind of jovial malice. “No, you didn’t. Wives. Wives, wives, wives. As in married. As in more than one. As in me, and Sylvie, and Ingeth, and the clock-wife and the golem-wife and the Lady Elegans, who is lying out in the graveyard.”


Once Lord Crevan arrives home he tells her if she can complete some tasks for him Rhea will be free of the betrothal but if she fails at these she will have to marry him.


Rhea accepts.


The inspiration for this clearly comes from the tale of Bluebeard but instead of a Prince saving the day there is just Rhea


I loved this book and its main character Rhea ,she is a very sensible person and someone I think a lot of  Girls could identify with.Not just Girls either


Something I also noticed was that while we learn that Rheas hair and skin are dark and that her face is "not bad" and isnt that what girls ought to think of themselves that they are fine just as we are?



as well as some adult ones. Because while the Writing is humorous it also gets darker and darker as the book goes on.


A big part of what makes this so dark is our villain Lord Crevan who we dont find out a whole lot about him and what we do find out is through the smidgeon of information that Rhea leanrs.


But I know this.



The things he did was so evil and nasty.


I could only nod grimly when Rhea made a comparision between him and Swans.


He was wearing white again. He looked clean and elegant, and Rhea was reminded again of the swan from the millrace.  Very noble, very beautiful, and vicious down to the bone.





Before I end this review I just have this to say.


1)I loved the hedgehog

2)I would love to read another adventure with Rhea and the hedgehog.


What Would Jon Snow Read? Book Recs for Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters

Unfortunately for all the characters in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series—the publishing industry in the fantasy land of Westeros leaves a little to be desired. (Unless, of course, you're mostly into historical nonfiction and songs about maidens and/or bears). But what if Game of Thrones characters were on Goodreads today? Which books would they add to their to-read shelves?

Tale of the Tailor by Roseandthorn Sandra Pav.  Inspired by Der Struwwelpeter

Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Taste In Books?

I got 28. Wich is very close. Secretly disappointed that I didnt get 100 years old.

Vienna Teng Landsailor

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1dLIq0okvA

Heart of the Kraken (Tales from Darjee) (Volume 1) - A.W. Exley

Heart of the Kraken (Tales from Darjee) (Volume 1) - A W Exley


 Ailin doesn't care if the legend is true or not - she's stuck in a crate on her way to feature as the main course at a lavish banquet. Her heart to be served while still beating for a cruel noble while the rest of her is sliced into sashimi. Unless she can escape.
Across the ocean, Fenton longs for a different release. Sold as a child by men who labelled him a mistake, a failed experiment. Except he has one valuable skill, he can summon the dreaded kraken. Bought by a pirate, he has only known life at sea, wielded as a tool by the captain.

Two lives collide when the pirates capture the vessel holding Ailin. The kraken holds the key to Ailin's freedom but in summoning the beast one last time, Fenton must choose between losing his life or his heart…



Fenton is a product of the ore-mancers,who with their dark powers can meld human flesh and metal. But in his case their experimenting to merge a human with a kraken didnt turn out as planned and he was deemed a failure. As a child he was bought by the vicious pirate captain Reis who captains the Razors Edge.


Fearful of his powers to call the Kraken the cutthroat crew barely tolerates him except for his fellow victim of the oremancers craft, Timmy the boy with a spyglass fused into his empty eye socket.


All sailors feared when the demon would rise from the darkness far below and tear apart friend and foe alike. Fenton feared the void the kraken created inside him. He had to touch its dark mind to control the monster's

path and relay the captain's instructions. Only Fenton could control the kraken, and the captain controlled Fenton and he hated them both for it.



The Razors Edge happens on a small vessel after the carnage is over its revealed to be a research ship sent out on orders of the ruler of Darjee to bring back a precious but unusual cargo...


Pale fingers wrapped around the edge and the body sat upright. Water streamed from long black hair and plastered it around head, shoulders and chest..

A mermaid.


It is said that whoever consumes the still beating heart of a mearmaid will be able to know the mind and secrets of all men. A power the wicked and cruel Lady Alise would very much like to posess.


"She's going to eat her heart," Fenton said. He had heard the rumours, you didn't spend a lifetime at sea without hearing every marine-related story that abounded. He was simply better at remembering than most of the crew who had been hit one too many times in the head with a plank.


"Consume the heart of a mermaid and you know the secrets of all men."


Realizing they are sitting on a goldmine if they were to bring her what she covets instead of the scientist crew. They take the caged mermaid and set sails for the Island of Illusion.


Fenton is drawn to the mermaid, who he learns is named Ailin at first from pity for her,then fascination and finally love. Even if Reis ridicules him and says the mermaids sirens ways is rotting his brain.

Ailin has been trapped in the stifling dark coffin for what feels like an eternity but this landwalker opens her cage and treats her with respect. She is unable to read him as she can others and his affinity with the kraken is strange to her as its a creature to be feared but Fenton is anything but that. Soon her feelings starts to mirror his.


He wants to free her but as long as Reis is his jailer he cant leave or disobey his commands.


This book did have a twist that I didnt expect but probably should have guessed at by the hints that were dropped but I didnt.


But here is the thing that I have to mention this book feels very derivative of Pirates of Carribean movies 3 and 4, and also towards the a scene made me think of Disneys the Little Mermaid. I wont tell you what but it struck me as very similar as something that happens towards the end of that film.


I havent read anything by this author Before but I am aware of her other bookseries and expected this to be dark and this is very much a dark fantasy with some steampunk esthetics Its a grimy and gritty world


The oremancers what we learn about them is enough to give you the creeps.When someone is disabled in someway danaged they are given over to the oremancers to be "fixed". We also hear something of the Lady Alise,ruler of Darjee nothing wich makes me think good things of her even if she doesnt show up in person.


Even the way the characters are described reminds me of Philip and Syrena.



The writing and dialogue has a quality that makes you feel a bit detached from the story.There is a formal quality to the dialogue that brings to mind like watching a movie.



I loved the ending...it was very beautiful.


So in the end I feel a bit torn. Should I judge it on the fact that it reminds me too much of another piece of fiction and has its weak bits or should I ignore that and just give it a good rating?


Ive decide to go with the latter. If you are in mood for a romance with mermaids,pirates and dark steampunkery be sure to pick this one up.




Strange Charm Free Ebook bundle

Miss Landon and Aubranael (Tales of Aylfenhame) - Rosie Lauren Smith, Charlotte E. English Watersmeet (Twelve Baronies #1) - Rachel Cotterill Zero Sum Game (Russell's Attic) (Volume 1) - SL Huang Iced (Chronicles of White World Book 1): A Dystopian Science-Fiction Thriller - M. Terry Green

Strange Charm are offering several free ebooks on their site. In their own words:


We thought long and hard about the best way to introduce ourselves to you, and we decided that rather than just telling you about our favourite books,  it might be more effective to give you copies of a few of them


My personal favorite and recommendation is "Miss Landon and Aubranael" by Charlotte E. English :)  

Aprils Fools!

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When blurbs or reviews for historical romance books claim that "this is not your mothers romance."


I cant help but recall that my mothers bookshelf included Philippa Gregory. 

Isn't that the truth.

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Ain't that the truth...



ARC review of Dreams of Shreds and Tatters by Amanda Downum.

Dreams of Shreds and Tatters - Amanda Downum

I recieved this ARC from Netgalley and this is my honest review of it.


Liz Drake wakes up from a dream,no a nightmare about her friend Blake She convinces her partner Alex that they need to go to Vancouver and see him. Her dreams are not like other peoples dreams,they are so vivid she sometimes finds them more real than the waking world.


Blake and his boyfriend Alain were found washed ashore on a beach. Alain died. Blake ended up in a coma and has been that way ever since.

After visiting his apartment they discover Blake had ties to the Morgenstern gallery run by the charismatic Rainer and his partner Antja.


Liz goes to the beach where Blake was found and finds the Triskelion ring she gave him as a gift once. Its found at a house owned by Rainer. He is looking more and more like he knows more than he is letting out.


When Liz sees a painting of Blakes at the exhibition Rainer brings them to,featuring a door through wich can be seen a strange city she faints and as she is catched by Rainer she asks without thinking if it makes any sense...


She swallowed, scrambling for an excuse. Dizziness. Too much champagne. But when she opened her mouth, what came out was, "What is that place?" She felt curious stares as other people drifted into the room, but couldn’t pull away.

His electric eyes narrowed, calculating. "Carcosa."


She now understands that Blake is not just in a coma. His spirit is lost,gone to Carcosa and its up to her to bring him back from the clutches of the city and the Yellow King.


There is also drug called Mania loose in the city.It is changing the people who use it into something...other


This is the first book I have read by Amanda Downum and the reason I wanted to read it so badly because it involves a fascinating literary creation called the King in Yellow or The Yellow King.


The Yellow King is a character or maybe I should say concept first created by the author Robert W Chambers in a book of connected stories named "The King in Yellow". The title also being the name of a play in the book that drives people to madness if they continue reading it beyond the first act.


It drew inspiration from the works of Edgar Allan Poe ,Oscar Wilde and Ambrose Bierce and it has in its turn inspired (or at least appeared in their works)authors like Lovecraft,Stephen King and many more. It has also featured in tv series and Music


I am just sad I didnt find it as a thrilling read as I imagined it would be.


I felt that the strongest bits in the book where when we were following Liz. There were way too many other viewpoints from other characters when I just wanted to stay with Liz and find out more about who she was and more importantly about what she was.

As for the supporting characters. From Liz partner Alex to Rainer Morgenstern...well they are all a bit pretentious to be honest. Liz has her moments of pretentiousness but while I found them a bit endearing in her I found them offputting when others were wallowing in it.

There is a particular scene where a toll is asked and one of the things Liz is asked to give up is one of her favorite Words.She spends a moment thinking about all the long and complicated words she loves and that she would hate not being able to use.


Liz froze. She loved so many words: sesquipedelian, penultimate, numinous, liminal, spleen, cellar door—did that count as one word?—incandescent...

Pick one, the bridgekeeper said with a sigh, or we’ll be here all night. And nights in Carcosa are very long. It might have taken her that long to choose, but far in the distance she heard the waves of the black sea breaking against the shore, their rhythmic hiss and rush— Susurrus, she said.


A word. Not your firstborn. Just a word.


I found Blake to be a little bit of a cliche, the sensitive and handsome young artist who is also gay.


And speaking of that is Liz asexual ,or does she just has crippling anxieties about intimacy? we are left with no answers.


She’d spent years thinking she would sleep alone for the rest of her life, after she outgrew childhood slumber parties and realized that the heat of lust and sex that drove the world was something she would never experience. To have found someone willing to look past that, to settle for the negotiation and compromise of a relationship without the haze of pheromones, felt like a dream from which she was constantly afraid of waking.


For this reason I didnt understand the relationship between Liz and Alex oh I can understand the convenience of it but not the reasoning. To me it seems they would have been better off just being friends and roomates.


Liz is happiest when she dreams.Her dreams are so real She is also full of guilt because of a tragic incident in her past wich ended up claiming a friends life. Wich makes it believable she would go to great lenghts to keep another friend from danger.


This book made me feel confused and more than a little stupid, like I was not getting how brilliant it was.


As for the writing I did find it to be occassionally evocative but it often descended into something I would like to call "word porn". How many interesting words can we cram in to describe something anything. It just felt very excessive.


I also noticed what I believe to be some formatting issues, in the beginning of sentences would be a mix of capital and lower case letters also there were some slight spelling mistakes.


Terry Pratchett is dead. Long Live Terry Pratchett.

 I can still remember the moment when I discovered Discworld. I was an akward girl in 6th grade and a classmate was Reading this book with a colorful illustration on the cover.

I asked her what she was reading and she said "oh is some kind of fantasy book.But its not very good and so weird. You can read it if you want" 


That books name was Witches abroad and from the moment I finished the last page I knew that I needed more of it.As the years went by I knew that if wanted to read something hilarious and clever there was always Terry Pratchett and his world to go to.


Goodbye Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld series http://gu.com/p/46tv7/stw  Your books were my friends in hard times :`(



From his daughters tweet feed.


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The End.

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Terry tookDeath’sarm and followedhimthroughthe doors and on to the black desertunder the endlessnight.

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Reading progress update: I've read 90 out of 176 pages.

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The Drollery Letters Number One: The Case of the Devil's Interval - Emily Butler


Ah, the path of true love! ;)


To Dance in Liradon by Adrienne Clarke

To Dance in Liradon - Adrienne  Clarke

Seventeen-year-old Brigid O'Flynn is an outcast. A chance encounter with the Faerie Queen left her tainted in the eyes of the villagers, who blame the Faerie for the village’s missing women and children. Desperate to win the village’s acceptance, Brigid agrees to marry her childhood friend: Serious, hardworking, Connell Mackenna.


But when Connell disappears before their wedding, Brigid's hopes are shattered. Blamed for her fiancé’s death, Brigid fears she will suffer the same fate as the other village outcasts, the mysterious Willow Women. Lured into Faerie by their inhuman lovers, and cast out weak and broken, the Willow Women spend their lives searching for the way back into Faerie. When Connell suddenly reappears, Brigid is overjoyed, but everything is not as it seems. Consumed by his desire for beauty and celebration, Connell abandons his responsibilities, and Brigid soon finds herself drawn into a passionate, dangerous world of two.

When Brigid discovers the truth behind Connell's transformation she’s forced to choose between two men and two worlds. Brigid’s struggle leads her into glittering, ruthless Faerie, where she must rescue her true love from a terrible sacrifice or lose him forever.




Among the inhabitants of the small village Brigid lives in she  is considered unlucky,cursed for the reason that she once as a child met the Faerie Queen herself and vanished for two days. Not long after her return her  father died.


The villagers fears the faeries who steal their loved ones and as they think she is faerie touched they avoid her ,leaving her to take care of her mother and

This suits as Brigid doesnt want to get married she only wants to dance and wander the Woods. But her mother is telling her she ought to be married and to encourage the attentions of Conell who is the miller of the village but Brigid finds him too dour and practical.


Even if he is reliable and kind.


He is so kind that he even brings food to the outcast Willow women (women who were lured away by the faerie but returned to the human World. Now they are drained of all life and wants nothing more than find their way back to the faerie lands.


But despite all this he is not the true love that she dreams of finding.


But there is also the Lord Osin at the local manor where Brigid works that takes an interest in Brigid and wants to seduce her like he has done to so many other maids before her.


She realizes this can only be prevented by her marrying ,If she marries Conell she will be safe from the lecherous lords attentions and gain an acceptance from the other she resigns herself that she must do her best to love Conell.


Before the wedding Conell travels to Great Town to purchase fabric for Brigids wedding gown but as time passes and he doesnt return the villagers takes this as a sign as Brigid is truly and well cursed and decides to remove this threat to their safe existance- She is carried far away into the forest and left there.


Lost and afraid suddenly a white hart appears pursued by Lord Osin who decides he will hunt Brigid instead



“Today, you shall be my hart,” he whispered in her ear. “And because you are so fine and beautiful, I shall unmake you just as carefully. Not a drop of you will go to waste.”




Finally, he pushed her away from him. “Run.”



She is saved by the white hart leads her to safety,and as she kneels by a pond she sees the image of a strange man in the waters reflection and turns around only to see that its Conell returned at last. She is so happy to see him finally her troubles are over.


But Conell is a changed man he cares more about rambling in the forest and her company than his duties at the mill and to his mother.


Connell pulled her close against him. “Dance with me.”


“But there’s no music.” “You are right. We must have music. Meet me at the edge of the forest after your mother is asleep. I have a surprise for you.”


“I don’t know,” Brigid said, even though she knew she would. She could not bear the thought of him being anywhere without her.


At first Brigid is thrilled with this new side of him but soon doubts creeps in but he makes her forget her them. Its almost like shes in a dream. Wasnt this she what she wanted?


There were parts of this book I liked very much,and others not so much.


The lenghts to wich this  this story goes out of its way to emphasize the difference between infatuation and lasting love gets a bit heavyhanded at times.

As does the moral  of the story-dont go for the charming and womanizing men chose the dependable and nice guy instead so you can settle down and put away your flighty youthful ways.


Wich makes me wonder if the author thinks once you are a parent and married people cant have fun and dance and be frivolous anymore?


Sounds perfectly dull to me.


This book had its bad points but I have to admit that the author does have a beautiful way with Words,it brings enough fairytale ambience to the story without making it seem too flowery and sickly sweet.


As this story clearly takes some of its inspiration from the legend of Tam Lin and  its different enough from the original story to make it a worthwhile book to read for folktale and faerie lovers.





The ending is a bit of a downer not a truly happy ending,in my opinion  but rather an eh its good I suppose" with Brigid married with a lovely son but doomed to always long for the faeries world.

(show spoiler)



I just wish Brigid and the author would have realized she had a third option. Ditch both guys and move in to the Willow womens hut.






Happy World Book Day!


May you all have good reads :)

Realistic expectations on Life & Love in medieval times